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If you are looking for additional security for your home and business electric fencing is an options to look at.  Electric Fencing Installers Braamfontein will come to your premises to view and advise on the best electric fencing option and will give you a quote free of charge. Electric fencing is a popular and are in high demand. Electric Fencing Consist of electric wires that let off a shock for anyone trying to enter your premises, this can leave the person in discomfort which can last for a few hours.  Electric fencing can only be set to a certain voltage and may not exceed the voltage requirement. The electric fencing can sustain all weather. It also comes with a back up battery shall there be any power outages keeping your premises safe at all times.

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Our Electric Fencing Installations  Braamfontein are all certified and highly trained in installing electric fencing and use all the correct safety equipment needed when installing the electric fencing.  Electric fencing is not only installed at homes and business, but also game lodges that have animals that keep them from exiting the premises and to keep away any intruders out. Electric fencing is used to keep intruders and animals from entering your premises, electric fencing does not lead to death if come into contact but leaves a discomfort to the body.

Electric Fencing Repairs  Braamfontein only provide professional service at all times and the jobs are always competed on time. We offer the best Electric Fencing Service in and around Braamfontein. If you require installation f electric fencing Electric Fencing Installers Braamfontein is the company to call. We are awaiting to assist you with your electric fencing needs.