Q: Do DSTV Installers Boksburg Johannesburg charge a call out fee?

A: Yes there is a call out fee when requesting a DSTV Installer. You may ask what the call out fee is before having the DSTV Installer set to you.

Q: Can you call the DSTV call centre to sort out an issue on your DSTV instead of having a DSTV Installer set to your home?

A: Yes, the DSTV Call Centre can assist you telephonically shall you have an issue with your DSTV, They will run through certain steps, However shall the problem persist and cannot be sorted telephonically the call centre will advise that a DSTV Technician be set through to your premises to sort out the problem that you may have.

Q: Do you need to get a new DSTV Decoder and Dish when moving home?

A: No you do not need to purchase a new DSTV Decoder or dish when moving, DSTV Installers Boksburg Johannesburg can uninstall your decoder and dish that you already have and reinstall it in your new premises.

Q: What is the charge to have your DSTV Installed?

A: All DSTV Installation companies have different charges for their services.  It is best to ask the DSTV Installing Company what their charge is before they are sent out to your premises.

Q: Can the weather cause damage to your DSTV Decoder and Dish?

A: Yes, heavy weather such as thunderstorms can affect your DSTV Decoder and mainly your satellite dish. But this can be repaired by a DSTV company. If the damage is not repairable you will be advised that a new DSTV Decoder or Dish be purchased.

Q: Is there a charge for more than one Decoder?

A: Yes there is an additional fee for each decoder that is installed to in your home or business.